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Welcome to MHIP [Mental Health, Inspiration, and Poetry.] This is an annex of motivation, inspiration, and mental health advocacy. You'll find inspiration for self-improvement and practical tips for taking care of your mental well-being here. I share jargon-free, proven tips to help you improve your mental wellness. If you are looking for simple strategies to improve your mental health, you have come to the right place.

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The Big Dilemma: Do Life or Quit Life? is an inspirational reminder of your capability to live. Sophy Chunge shares that unbearable mental pain can be overcome, and sometimes is vital for our growth. It's a book about hope in struggle and victory in life. Suicide is preventable.

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We share mental health tips without academic jargon. How can you improve your mental health? Which habits are a threat to your mental health? How can you manage if you or your loved one suffers from a serious mental illness? 

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You can achieve an improved quality of life by yourself. These are reminders about your potential to take control of your life. We share tips to improve your behaviour and mindset. It's about personal progress and development...

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This section is for you if you love poetry. Poetry has always revealed a lot about human psychology and mental health struggles. We share motivational or inspirational poetry and analyze them to encourage you. To tap into this power of words...  Find out more

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Once you have outlined your goals, it’s time to take actions required to achieve them. There’s a clear benefit of setting goals...

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Relapse Prevention

Something triggers your craving rendering you vulnerable. Identifying the possible triggers of addiction relapse can help you with prevention.

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Positive Habits

Train your mind to establish behaviour which ignites positive outcomes like growth and change.

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A dose of human wisdom from different contexts: inspiration, books, business, personal life, finance, spirituality, and others.

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Suicide Prevention

You are alive today, able to read this, so there is still hope because you are alive, you can breathe.  Give your life a chance. Do life.

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Inspirational Books

The Big Dilemma-Do Life or Quit Life is an inspirational book. IF you are not into prose, you can find inspirational poetry in Piece of Mind: Everyone has an untold story. Also, see the apt journal/diary/notebook for daily journaling.