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The Big Dilemma- Do Life or Quit Life?


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Dear fellow human being, to choose to do life or to quit life. You are facing a tough choice there. It might feel like you are the only one facing this big dilemma, but you are never alone. Human beings all over the world are united in facing such dilemmas despite their social or economic backgrounds. We are sometimes overwhelmed by the weight of it all. Overburdened by the thought of the hard times that we have to deal with while alive. We desire easy times, sweet times and happiness. We expect to experience pleasant times and have joyful hearts. Then adverse occurrences beset us because they are unavoidable in life.

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Thus, suicide looks very appealing because it is an easier choice in this dilemma. I exhort you to read this article to get a different perspective. It might clear things up for you, so that you may make a pro-life choice.

Keep living, keep reading.

Circumstances might encumber you during your journey through this critical path called life. Often, issues may arise which you did not expect and you are not trained to withstand them. No one can train you but yourself. They say “Be strong.” However, being strong is not taught rather, it’s learned through your own experiences. When you get through this phase of tough times, you will be mentally stronger than you were before and more equipped to handle other hardships. However, if you choose to quit living you will never know. And it never gets old —knowledge is power. Once you know how to handle yourself during tough storms, you will be a pro at life no matter what it throws at you.

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Why live?

You might ask, why live when my life is unbearable, worthless and painful?

Because life is meant to be lived.

Situations in life are what make life unbearable for us sometimes. Life itself will never wrong you. Life itself is enjoyable and beautiful. The problem is the challenges we face while we are alive.  You are likely thinking about suicide because you feel like you need peace, you need to be away from all the negativity or you need freedom from all that you are going through or you will go through.

Life is a natural gift bestowed upon you. Also, it was meant for you to enjoy it, make merry and be happy. So all these miseries are against what you were created to do. It’s only natural that you may start to contemplate ending your life when our innate desires about it are not met.

To get going on this critical path you have to be courageous enough to overcome certain obstacles. Most of these obstacles are mostly in the mind and changing your way of thinking might help.

Suicidal thoughts often arise due to fear and pain. Fear and pain make us vulnerable.


Fear of the future and what it holds for you hence, a sense of hopelessness envelopes you. Yet, most things are temporary, even some kinds of pain are temporary. Just because it is distressing you now does not mean it will last forever. You can conquer the fear of the unknown future and the fear of suffering.

Fear of how the society will judge you. You are afraid of shame because you have made mistakes. Your mistakes don’t have to be the end of the world for you. You can rectify. Even if you anticipate to be ashamed and you can’t bear it, remember you can never face shame forever. People will talk, they will criticize and judge you. Sooner enough they will face similar situations or worse and they will forget. Learn to ignore most of what the society thinks. Your life is too big a price to pay for the society’s approval.


Physical Pain

Physical pain especially prolonged pain due to illness or injury can become so extreme that all you desire is death. In certain occasions, where it is legal, doctors opt for euthanasia. However, so many people have overcome the worst pain imaginable and lived to inspire others. If your illness has not killed you yet, if you can manage the pain, will yourself to endure. Being alive is a privilege. Consider how others try their best to save their lives. Your presence is important.

Ask anyone who has had their loved one in a coma or critically ill for a long time. You’d think since they expected the death, it wouldn’t hurt very much. But, when death takes them away, they feel extreme grief still. Their presence mattered a lot, even though they were in a useless state. The reason behind this is because, as long as they have life and they can still breathe, there is always hope. Your presence matters.

Psychological Pain

Psychological pain caused by traumatic events that you experience could also make life seem worthless. You can deal and overcome most things that you set your mind to. Seek help from mental health professionals if you can afford. If not, talk to someone who is willing to listen. Call the hotlines available in our country. Always seek help when you are going through a mental breakdown. With appropriate help, you can overcome or at least lessen guilt, heartbreak, loneliness, regret, grief and all kinds of mental pain. These negative emotions do not mean that life is pointless. Life is meant for living.

Therefore, the topmost culprits for suicidal thoughts are fear and pain.

You Can Do Life

Managing your fears and pains is the first step of thwarting the thoughts and plans of ending your life.  You can succeed in staying alive despite the external causes of suffering. You can get help from friends, family, and even strangers as long as you do not die in silence or fear people’s perception of you.

You are alive today, able to read this, so there is still hope because you are alive, you can breathe.  Give your life a chance. Do life. You may feel like you are alone in this, but you are not alone. It doesn’t always have to be a dilemma. Choose to do life.

Life is not meant for killing yourself. Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

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