Are You Mentally Tough-10 Characteristics of a Mentally Strong Person


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What is the mark of a mentally strong person? What is mental strength Mental strength refers to the strength of your powerful mind. Your mind is powerful, but it needs exercise to become stronger and stronger than before. You need to use and train your mind. In short, mental strength is developed by exercising your mind’s ability to think, reason, create and so forth.

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It’s a tough world and you need mental strength. Human beings need mental toughness for survival and progress. You may lack physical strength, but your mental strength keeps you going. Consider these scenarios.

Mental Strength Scenario 1

Players in a field do not go through with the game just because of their strong physique, it’s also because of their mental strength. Without mental strength they would not be able to persevere the tough training, to focus on the goal, to be disciplined, or to respect their teammates.

Mental Strength Scenario 2

Have you heard about people who are sick inspiring their loved ones even more than their loved ones do when on their death bed? They have developed the mental toughness to face life and they have overcome the fear of death.

Mental Strength Scenario 2

One person will think of ending their life because of a seemingly small issue in their life, while others survive through the terrifying circumstances and still stand strong.

Mental Strength Requires Practice

Mental toughness differs from one person to another, just as there are variations of physical toughness. You can work on your mental strength, grow it, and use it to improve the quality of your life.

Between a person who does jobs which requires physical strength and a person who requires minimum strength to work, whose muscles will be more developed?

Just as physical strength, mental strength does not come easy or automatically. You have to practice. You have to train your mind to be tough.

Some of this training may be provided within your environment through circumstances that you have no control over, while at times you may need to actively learn and develop mental toughness. Sometimes circumstances make other people develop mental strength earlier than others. Tough times in life are the best trainers of mental toughness. You cannot be mentally strong without overcoming obstacles. It is hard work. However, mental toughness can be developed by anyone who has a mind.

How Do You Know that You are Mentally Strong?

1. A mentally strong person is resilient

You face tough times rather than try to avoid them. However, you do not let these hardships to distract you from your goals. You have a strong willpower to cope through adversity. A personal set of coping mechanisms help you to go through life despite the challenges. Adversity does to make you cower, instead, it is what motivates you to stand stronger knowing that if you made it through before, then you will make it through again. Instead of “killing you, it makes you stronger.” You have developed perseverance when you know there is enough gain eventually.

Look at your challenges in life as opportunities to develop your mental strength.

2. A mentally strong person is disciplined

Mental strength and discipline are birds of the same feather. Discipline requires the courage to keep moving on even when you no longer feel like doing so. It involves the mental ability to choose one thing over the other, even if the other option seems easier than the right one. Therefore, if you are disciplined, you have mental strength. The more you practice being disciplined the more you develop mental toughness.

3. A mentally strong person respects other people

You understand that other people are also human beings with the same ability for reasoning as you, but you respect them for being different. You are a good listener, and this makes you able to tolerate people who go against your views. Rather than being angry that people disagree with you, you try to understand their perspective even though you might not agree. Hence, being mentally tough involves being capable of working with other people as part of a team despite your different backgrounds or ways of thinking. You are able to accommodate other people despite having different opinions.

4. A mentally strong person acts rather than reacts

Instead of reacting to your emotions, you act in the most beneficial way. Meaning that you think first when you are overwhelmed with emotions before making your move. Because you have values that you stand for, you can’t have a reaction for everything as that may threaten your core values. You have emotions as any other normal human being, but because of your mental toughness ability, your emotions do not control you, you control them.

5. A mentally strong person enjoys solitude

A person with mental toughness has to be self-aware. You know your desires, interests, goals, personality, abilities, and limitations. You do not mind spending time in solitude so that you can examine yourself, meditate, and enjoy your own company. Other people are good company, but you also enjoy your own company.

6. A mentally strong person stands for something

We all face moments of uncertainty when we hesitate to make decisions. But, as a mentally strong person, you have values that you stand for which make you a decisive person. You do not decide to do things just because everyone else is doing it. You do what you do because you believe in it. You are assertive when necessary. Saying “no” is easy for you. You are not swayed by the crowd. You can think for yourself and make rational decisions. You stand firm for what you believe in.

7. A mentally strong person has a winning mindset

You know what you want, you set goals to reach them, and you believe that you will achieve them. You are hopeful for the best results. And in case you lose, that does not make you hopeless, instead, you take the loss as a learning experience. So, even losing to you is still winning. You have strong hope and faith that all will be well as long as you keep working at winning. Hence, being mentally strong means not giving up easily.

8. A mentally strong person is focused

You focus on what you do and avoid distractions which may lead to confusion. You know what you want when you set your mind to achieve it, then, you must achieve it.  Distinguish between the most important things and the non-important things is second nature to you. You stick to your priorities. You don’t lose your focus easily even when under pressure to do so.

9.  A mentally strong person is courageous

You are fearless and you face life with optimism. You do not put yourself in danger cowardly. Nevertheless, you are not afraid to take great calculated risks which you know will bear fruit in the end. You make bold moves in your life without hesitating or being distracted by discouraging external influences.

10. A mentally strong person is persistent

You know what you want and you seek to achieve it. Even when you fail at first, you keep trying. You try different methods of doing things rather than stubbornly sticking to one. When one way does not lead you to your destination, you create another and follow it. You know what you want to achieve and for this reason, you work toward achieving it despite being bombarded with chaos which can make you feel like giving up.

You have emotions as any other normal human being, but because of your mental toughness ability your emotions do not control you, you control them.

Mental Strength is Developed through Challenges

How do you develop mental toughness?

One poet states,

“Stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit–It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.”

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Therefore, look at your challenges in life as opportunities to develop your mental strength. Whenever you come out of hard times you will be stronger than you were before. If you give up, your strength will not develop.

These opportunities include afflictions, adversity, hardships, and pain. Sometimes when life seems unbearable, it’s good to try changing your mindset. Instead of viewing what you are going through as insurmountable, view it as a chance for you to develop your mental toughness.

Life is full of opportunities to practice being mentally strong. Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

What other characteristics do mentally strong people have? I would love to know your definition of mental strength.

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