Welcome to my site — a Mental Health, Inspiration, and Poetry, MHIP.

My values call upon me to care about the lives of other people who I will probably never meet. It sickens me how mental health in Kenya and the world, in general, is a misunderstood topic. This is one of those ‘helping’ sites with a focus on mental health and mental health advocacy. The content herein is meant for informational and motivational purposes only. 

This is an annexe of motivation, inspiration, and mental health awareness. You will find a wealth of information (for the ordinary person) about mental health topics including mental illness, self-improvement, living, life, positive thinking, self-love, mind, and suicide. 

For more practical guidelines about dealing with psychological pain, suicide, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal behaviour grab a Kindle version or printed copy of The Big Dilemma: Do Life or Quit Life, a motivational book.

I prefer to call it a counselling book since I write as a counsellor using proven psychotherapeutic techniques, not as a mere advisor.

It is a tough world, no matter what your background is. We often need reminders and encouraging words to strengthen us. You can keep on living despite the hardships of this tough world. We need to be mentally strong and resilient in order to survive. We need to take care of our mental health.

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What matters is that we are human beings. This inspirational blog is dedicated to humanity. We need inspirational stuff to keep us going. Despite the fact that we all see things differently we can cooperate with others for informed daily living and the survival of humanity.

When we put the professions, race, nationality, religion and all other dividing factors aside, we are all human with shared experiences in the social and psychological sphere. We are journeying through a Critical Path, namely life. And, everybody needs inspiration.

This website should not replace counselling and psychotherapy. It’s an avenue for simplified info on mental health and inspiration. You may use the tools and techniques here to supplement therapy, but not to replace it.

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Note that:

I welcome comments, suggestions, questions, tips, and reviews. Wisdom is a baobab tree, no one person can have it all. So, learning is a continuous process. I believe we can learn something from everyone, even children. Hence, I will appreciate your honest feedback on the articles. 

Challenge the views of this website if you may.

The ideas expressed here are for the sake of inspiration, information sharing, critical thinking, discussion, enjoyment, and reminding you that you are not alone.

Up close and personal

I am an avid reader and writer. I am a mental health and counselling professional. My day job involves talking, listening, visiting, and seeing people’s psychological and social issues 5 days a week.

Writing is one of my favourite hobbies. I have been earning an income as a freelance writer since 2014. However, poetry is my number one love. Centfie, as it appears on this site’s URL, is the name I use when writing fiction, including poetry and it has become a fixed identify because it’s a name I gave myself. Therefore, don’t be surprised to find some inspirational poetry here.

Also, grab a copy of my first collection of poems including inspirational poems to uplift your spirit — Piece of Mind: Everyone Has an Untold Story.

By now, you know why a mental health blog in Kenya seemed like the way to go for me. Here lie my passions in one place.

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When the going get’s too tough that you can’t read this website, book a personal online counselling session.

Keep living despite the hard times experienced. 

I hope this Mental Health and Inspiration site will touch someone’s life. May you be encouraged to keep living. Live your life.

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up. 

Be mentally strong.

Best Regards.