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Empathy: An Essential Psychological Skill

It is important to develop empathy to maintain good relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and other people. Empathy is the skill of putting yourself in another person’s shoe and understanding his or her...


Why Stop Saying Yes and Say No Without Guilt

The ability to say “no” without guilt is important for personal success and good mental health. Have you ever been in a situation where you do not want to do something, but you feel...


How to Snap out of the Habit of Unhealthy Rumination

What is Rumination? Rumination is not the contemplative or a soul-searching kind of thinking whereby you seek to know yourself better with the final aim of improving yourself. It is not meditation to make you more mindful of yourself, others or your surroundings. Rumination is the constant process of negative thinking about a distressing situation in your life which does not lead to a solution. It is using your energy to think without making an impactful...