The Big Dilemma: Do Life or Quit Life?

The Big Dilemma-Do Life or Quit Life is an inspirational book providing objective, non-judgemental, and empathetic tips for anyone who has lost the meaning of life. Are you stuck between choosing whether to quit or move on? Do you feel trapped in misery and unhappiness? Is life unbearable? Have you had thoughts about ending it all? Or does your loved one face such a personal battle? This book is about hope in struggle and victory in life. It is designed to engage the reader and prompt wise decision making when faced with this big dilemma of whether to continue living or not.

Piece of Mind: Everyone has an Untold Story

Piece of Mind: Everyone has an Untold Story is a collection of poems written by Centfie addressing standard human emotions and thoughts from the individual perspective of a woman, and sometimes a man. It’s rich in inspirational poems which will uplift your soul during dark times.

“Piece” is spelled so intentionally. Get a copy of the book today to see why and how.