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New e-Book Out!!! The Big Dilemma-Do Life or Quit Life? is available for downloading now.

The PDF of The Big Dilemma-Do Life or Quit Life? Version is currently available for download through this site. Download Now.

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The Big Dilemma-Do Life or Quit Life is an inspirational book providing objective, non-judgemental, and empathetic tips for anyone who has lost the meaning of life.

Are you stuck between choosing whether to quit or move on? Do you feel trapped in misery and unhappiness? Is life unbearable? Have you had thoughts about ending it all? Or does your loved one face such a personal battle? This book is about hope in struggle and victory in life. It is designed to engage the reader and prompt wise decision making when faced with this big dilemma of whether to continue living or not.

The book promotes the need to understand people who are contemplating suicide, those who have attempted suicide and survived, and their loved ones. The society around us is full of negativity. This inspirational book attempts to be refreshing and inspirational to the reader based on the principles of Positive Psychology.

The Big Dilemma reminds you that you can go through what you are going through and come out victorious. It uses proven psychological techniques to enhance the reader’s experience and prompt application of the said strategies.
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